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Internet Packages from MTS!

Use Internet to 99% cheaper with Internet Packages service!

List of the recommended Internet packages:

Package name
Monthly volume of Internet traffic, MB
Price of the Internet Package, UAH
Price of 1 MB of Internet data in excess of the traffic included in the package, UAH
Internet 20 for 7 days*
According to the tariff plan set for the start package
Internet 100 for 7 days*
Internet 20
Internet 100
Internet 300
Internet 1000
Internet Unlimited
Unlimited Internet Night
(00:00 am – 08:00 am)
* - the term of action of packages makes 7 days. Packages are accessible only for the pre-pay subscribers of. The way of verification of account balance, mechanism of order and use is the same as the operating tariffs.
**for contract subscribers the monthly volume of Internet data within package of "Unlimited Internet Night" is limited to 5000 Mb.
*** for prepaid subscribers, in case of activation the service "Unlimited Night Internet" - services "Super Internet" and "Super 3D Null" will be automatically disabled, if they were activated. If you re-activate one of these services, the service "Unlimited Night Internet" will be automatically deactivated.
The tariffs are indicated in UAH including VAT and excluding the Pension Fund duty amounting to 7.5%.
Please note that all Internet Packages are available only on condition that you activated the settings of the Mobile GPRS Internet service.

How to use the Internet package:

Step 1: activate the GPRS services
  • services enabled by default for MTS Prepaid subscription. If for some reason the service is activated, you need to dial the phone combination *109*210# and press the call button;
  • the contract subscribers have to call 111 or use the Internet Helper.
Step 2: order the Internet package
Package name
Prepaid users
Contract subscribers
Internet 20 for 7 days*
to call 111
Internet 100 for 7 days*
Internet 20
Internet 100
Internet 100
Internet 1000
Internet Unlimited
Unlimited Internet Night
to call 111
* - the term of action of packages makes 7 days. Packages are accessible only for the pre-pay subscribers of. The way of verification of account balance, mechanism of order and use is the same as the operating tariffs.
Step 3: activate the Mobile GPRS Internet service
  • for the service to be activated in your mobile phone automatically it is necessary to send a free SMS message with figure 3 in its body to the short number 1020 and save in your mobile phone the settings which you’ll receive in reply;
  • for activation of the service on the PC or Notebook we recommend that you use the MTS Connect Manager software.
Step 4: Everything’s ready. Enjoy using the Internet!

Details on availability of the Internet Packages

Availability for use
For subscribers of all prepaid tariff plans
For subscribers of all contract-based tariff plans
Provision of the package data
Within 24 hours after the order
Within 24 hours after the order
Period of use
30 days from the moment of the order
Starting from the moment of the order and until the last day of the month (will be extended automatically)
Checking of the rest of package MB for “20”, “100” and “1000&rdquo packages
Checking term of validity "Unlimited Internet Night"
Check validity of the Unlimited Internet package

Attention! You can at the same time use the service "Unlimited Internet Night" and one of the packages "Internet 20", "Internet 100", "Internet 300", "Internet 1000". In this case, the period from 00:00:00 to 7:59:59 daily in the first place (it has highest priority) you have a service "Unlimited Internet Night"

The Package megabytes do not included "Smart messenger" service, exactly Internet traffic of software applications to send messages, pictures, and voice such us Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, ICQ, Google Talk (Hangouts), IMessage, Facetime , Imo, Voxer and other programs.

Package megabytes can be used to 11:59 p.m. during the day. To continue using the package megabytes in the transition to the new day, prepaid subscribers have to stop the session until 11:59 p.m. and restore it after 00:01 a.m.

Before you start using the Internet package, end the Internet connection on your phone. Package MB not used for Internet connections that were started before the package activation.

Service usage interval - 100 KB.

Before using the service for the first time, stop all active Internet session on your phone.

The key advantages of the Internet packages from MTS:
  • possibility to choose the Internet package according to your needs;
  • high usability;
  • possibility to use the Internet packages at the same time with Hyper.NET and HyperActive services;
  • access to the Internet network through GPRS/EDGE at the speed of up to 236 Kbit/sec.
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