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Tariff Super MTS Free
MTS cancels limitation per day for free communication in the network!
Calls to MTS network, UAH/minute (within the allowance of 1000 minutes)
Calls to other operators in Ukraine, UAH/min
Calls to landline numbers, UAH/min
Unlimited mobile Internet (if used), UAH/day
SMS to subscribers of mobile operators of Ukraine, UAH/SMS
SMS delivery report in Ukraine, abroad and in roaming, UAH
Connection fee, UAH
Unlimited communication within MTS network at the rate of UAH 0.00 per minute during 30th day of every month
Save money on sending SMS MMS, order convenient packages of "20 SMS in Ukraine" and "10 MMS in Ukraine"

1000 free minutes

1000 minutes for 30 days (33 minutes per day) shall be provided if you top up your account with UAH 40 or more via one payment within 24 hours after refilling. After 33 daily minutes have been used up or a 30-day period expires, calls inside S and Jeans network shall be billed at 1.20UAH per minute, free of connection fee.

Attention! You can activate your starting package only by contacting the Call Centre, tel. 111 (from a MTS mobile in Ukraine, toll-free, 24 hours a day). After that, you can use the services on the account of the money on your additional monetary account.

Price of the starting package is UAH 10 including UAH 5 on your additional monetary account.

The money on your bonus account may be used for voice calls, SMS, MMS, GPRS/EDGE services within Ukraine, except for WAP GPRS, Hyper.NET, HyperActive, SmartNET and SmartActive services, ordering package Megabytes and SMS, content providers’ services, international calls and roaming calls.


How to activate?
How to check the minutes balance?
How to deactivate?
Cost of the service per month, UAH*
* The tariff is specified in Hryvnias as of February 15, 2014, VAT included. The Pension Fund duty in the amount of 7.5% of the service cost is additionally charged, VAT excluded.
The minutes are added in full for a period of one month and may be used for placing calls to the following directions: +38043, +38033, +38056, +38062, +38041, +38031, +38061, +38034, +38044, +38045, +38052, +38064, +38032, +38051, +38048, +38053, +38062, +38069, +38065, +38054, +38035, +38057, +38052, +38038, +38047, +38037, +38046, +38045 (including call forwarding and conference call features to the numbers falling within the specified directions).

The minutes will be added within 24 hours from the moment of order. The minutes will remain available for use until the end of a calendar month in which the order was made. Thereafter, adding of the minutes and withdrawal of UAH 10 from your account will be carried out automatically on the 1st day of each month.

The bundled minutes will remain available for use until the end of a calendar month in which they were ordered.

In case of migration to a tariff plan in which the service is available, the service will not be deactivated and the added minutes will be preserved. In case of migration to a tariff plan in which the service is not available, the service will be deactivated and the added minutes will be cancelled.

The offer is in effect on an ongoing basis.

Wish happy New Year to your family and all your friends! MTS offers you a full unlimited on the 31st of December for calls in the network and to the fixed-line numbers, Internet and MMS in Ukraine, and outgoing calls abroad! From now you can congratulate all your loved ones!

The unlimited calls abroad are provided to the following directions: Russia (all Mobile MTS Russia numbers), Italy, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, USA, Israel, Greece, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Canada, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, China, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, India, Denmark, Norway and Thailand.

To call free as per Unlimited New Year! service, use a standard combination: <+>or<00>.

A new service Unlimited New Year is activated automatically provided the account recharging by any way for the amount from 9 UAH during the period from 25.11 up to and including 10.12 of the current year. The service activation cost is 5 UAH. If the service is already activated for your mobile number, it will not be activated automatically once more after the account recharging for the amount from 9 UAH during the period from 25.11 up to and including 10.12 of the current year. You can activate new service by *101*12# or by number 111 and execution of application by operator from 11.12 up to and including 30.12 of the current year.

If you don’t need the Unlimited New Year service and you want to refuse from it, simply dial *101*13#1164030748after the service activation. Funds in the amount of 5 UAH will be refunded to your account within 3 days, and the service will be deactivated. Service deactivation by *101*13#1164030748 will be available from 30.11 up to and including 30.12 of the current year.

To check the Unlimited New Year service status, dial *101*14#1164030748.

The Unlimited New Year service is included to your tariff from 25.11.2013.

Tariffs are in UAH with VAT as of November 14, 2013. The contribution to the Pension Fund is additionally charged amounting to 7.5% of the service cost excluding VAT.


Cost, UAH
SMS abroad, 1 message
MMS abroad (except MTS countries), 1 message
MMS abroad (MTS countries: Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia), 1 message

To deactivate Unlimited Day (30 day of the each month): SMS to 2046.

Super MTS Free tariff does not take part in MTS Bonus Loyalty Program.

Migration to Super MTS Free from other tariff plans is not allowed.

The offer shall be effective from 15 October 2009.

To activate the starter package call from the territory of Ukraine to free number 111. Number is valid within 30 days after the activation of the starter package and 365 days after each recharge of 5 UAH (except for Money Transfer service). Number and account balance are kept for 2 months after the expiration of number validity.In the absence of use of any services within 180 days the service may be suspended regardless of the expiration of number validity.

The cost of calls is specified in the first second of each minute.
The prices are in hryvnias with VAT as of 01.10.2014. Additionally, there is a fee to the Pension Fund at a rate of 7,5% from cost of service excluding VAT.
The minimum validity term of the tariff - 14 days after its introduction.

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