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Unlimited Internet from MTS Connect 3G

Unlimited Contract Free tariff gives you the maximum freedom of access to the Internet without entering into a contract and mandatory payments.
Subscribe to the Unlimited Contract Free and enjoy the advantages:
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Maximum speed with Turbo Button service

Unlimited Contract Free

Price of the start package
UAH 30
Account balance
UAH 10
Payment for access to the unlimited Internet during a day
Price of 1 MB of traffic during a paid day
Price of the modem
UAH 339

The tariffs are indicated in UAH including VAT. Pursuant to Ukrainian legislation the Pension Fund duty is additionally charged making up 7.5% of the cost of the services consumed.

The minimum duration of the tariff - 14 days from the date of introduction.

The Unlimited Contract Free tariff package is provided at the speed of up to 384 bit/sec.

Maximum speed of the unlimited 3G Internet with Turbo Button service

A new service can remove all speed limits until the end of the day in the Unlimited Without Contract tariff. Turbo Button service activation cost is 4 UAH.

You can activate the service in the Turbo Button menu during the Internet session or through the Internet Helper in the Facilities and Services section, in the List of Services item. You can activate Turbo Button service once more only after its validity expiration.

Attention! After Turbo Button service activation you have to interrupt the current Internet session, provided under the acting terms, and start a new one, which will be provided under the new activated service terms.

To buy the Unlimited Contract Free

You can buy the Unlimited Contract Free start package in MTS centres of selling and supporting or MTS brand stores.

To check the account

You can check the information regarding your account status in the Internet Helper at the following address by indicating your personal number for this purpose.

To recharge the account

By indicating your personal number you can recharge the account in one of the following ways:
  • Via self-service terminals;
  • By means of the MTS Unified Account Recharge Voucher through the Internet Helper in the “Payment” section;
  • On the web-site;
  • By means of Webmoney;
  • On the web-site of PrivatBank;
  • On the web-site of MTS in the “How to Pay” section.

In the Unlimited Contract Free tariff migration to any other tariff packages is not available.
You need 8,52UAH for access to Internet in this tariff.
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